Comment Registration

Avoid the registration process and send your comments directly to me at and I will post all comments judged to be constructive, which includes constructive criticism and reasoned disagreement.

The registration process is not as transparent as I would like, but I think you can figure it out. However, to simplify the process, I’ve provided a list of steps below:

1.               Go to the bottom of any post where you will see “Leave a Reply,”

2.               Look under “Leave a Reply” and find the word “logged,”

3.               “logged” should light up as a link. Click on it.

4.               A login page will open but you aren’t ready to use the login. Look under the                        dialog box and find the word “Register,”

5.               Put your cursor over “Register” and it will light up as a link. Click on it.

6.               This will open a page with a dialog box for registering. Enter the two pieces                       of  information requested and click on the Register button,

7.               You will receive an email requesting that you set a password,

8.               Once you have set your PW, your registration will be complete,

9.               Use your Username and PW to login and make comments or ask questions                        on the site.