Title List of Posts

Below is an alphabetical list of narrative titles that I have posted to this site. You should be able to locate them using either key words or titles in the search engine provided. Revised and updated titles are so marked:

A Brief Comment on Paradigms
A Libertarian Perspective on Abortion
A Personal Odyssey
A Philosophy of Education
Advanced Meditation
An Eclectic Program of Meditation and Self-inquiry
Are We Merely Divine Puppets?
Beyond Gun Control Newer
Bioethics and Life Extension
Classification Scheme for Sexual Variation
Climate Change (Updated)
Comment on a Klan Rally
David Bohm’s Transcendental Physics
Ego Is the Mask God Wears While Pretending To Be You
Entangled in Duality
Free Will and the Evolution of Consciousness
Goswami’s Brain-Mind Model
Goswami’s Philosophical Alternative
Goswami’s Quantum Philosophy (Part I)
Goswami’s Quantum Philosophy (Part II)
Howling Wolf Interviews Jessie Christenson
Immigration Policy
Institutionalization and Education
Is Economic Growth a Viable Long-Term Goal?
Lost in Politics
My Most Challenging Principle
On the Nature of Evil
On Women as Female Impersonators
Reality Arises from Mysterious Foundations (Revised)
Research Update (on meditation)
Sex, Gender and Language
Sex, Sexuality and Philosophy
Speculation on Transgender Conditions
Spiritual Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness
Spirituality and Religion
States of Mind: An Overview for Meditators
The Default Mode Network and Meditation
The Looking Glass
The Monetary Factor in the Economic Downturn
The Natural Mind
The Problem with Belief
The Purpose of Meditation
The Role of Belief in the Evolution of Consciousness
Thoughts on School Reform
Transformational Experience
What Is in the National Interest?
What is Science?
Why We Believe