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This page is dedicated to religious, philosophical and spiritual topics:

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Personal Items
My interpretation of the New Testament
My tenets for a universal religion
A personal statement
A personal interpretation
The "religious" thread running through my life
A tale to irritate the merely religious
by Ellen Wheeler Wilcox

From Channels
Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) on the nature of reality
The spiritual entity Seth speaks on God
Aaron speaking poetically on being human


Amit Goswami (a physicist) finds God
Amit Goswami (a physicist) explains the soul
Implications drawn from Panentheism
Further implications from Panentheism
Pursuing your spiritual ideal
Working on your beliefs, emotions and behavior
How experiences can become major turning points in our lives
Comments on Richard Gilbert's Essay on UUA Principle Two
Comments on Charles Tart's book The End of Materialism

Comments On or From Books

Franklin Merrell-Wolff (an American mystic)
A personal perspective on Zen
My personal notes on Beck's book
 Physics Related

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A reformulation of quantum physics with spiritual implications
An adaptation of Goswami's quantum model for the self
An overview of the materialist and an idealist basis for science
A Quantum Metaphor for Enlightenment
Reality Arises from Mysterious Foundations
Meditation Related

Advanced Meditation
Overview of recent research on gamma band activity in meditation

The Default Mode Network and Meditation
LSD and Default Mode Network
An Eclectic Program for Meditation and Self-inquiry 
Comments of the Continuum of Mind States

Preparing the Mind for Clarity

The Necessity for Grace 
Two Figures on States of Consciousness
Self-realization in a nutshell
An essay on the assertion that there is "no doer." 
The need to balance complementary pairs 
An Imaginative Contemplation on Being 
 Musings on the nature of the ego

from Sheldon Kopp
A classification quiz