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I was for a brief period a high school dropout. After completing high school, I lived and worked in Atlanta for several years before deciding to take a stab at college. I attended the University of Tennessee and obtained a B.S. with a major in Psychology and a minor in Cultural Anthropology and with a major in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. While attending college I met and subsequently married my wife Shirley. I then spent two years in the USN, during the Vietnam Era, aboard an aircraft carrier. After separation from the USN I took a year off and then entered graduate school at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, GA. During my Master’s program my first son, Brian, was born. After completing a Masters degree in childhood behavior disorders, I worked for several years as a developmental therapist in a child treatment/education program. I then returned to GSU to work on a PhD degree in behavior disorders. Upon completion of my PhD, I took an academic position at the University of South Alabama (USA) in Mobile. During my three years in Mobile, my second son, Daniel, was born. I left Mobile to take a position at Mississippi State University (MSU) in Starkville. I remained in Starkville for five years. I left MSU to take a position at GSU in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education where I taught and coordinated the program in childhood behavior disorders. I eventually became Chair of the Department and was in that position when I retired in 2005.
I have an extensive list of academic publications available in my curriculum vita many of which are available as PDF files on this site, at Research Gate and at Academia. I enjoy writing and have dabbled at poetry, plays and essays. Most of my writing is available on this site and my Self-Agency site. My reading interests are eclectic and I read both non-fiction (science, finance, philosophy, history, politics) and fiction (mostly science fiction). I have been a student of market technical analysis for many years and spend part of my time researching and developing indicators for trading stocks and funds (three examples can be found here). I also have a regular Kriya Yoga meditation practice and am reading and writing on related topics.  In retirement, I belong to only two organizations -- The Institute for Noetic Sciences and The Society for Scientific Exploration
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