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Kastrup on Jung and Consciousness

Kastrup on the Nature of God and Humanity

A Zero Growth Economy?

Kastrup on Suffering

Kastrup on Religion_P1

Kastrup on Science & Religion_P2

Kastrup on Death

Kastrup on Materialism

Kastrup on Evil

Graham Hancock at the Pari Center

Gary Schwartz Interview

Meditation: What, Why and How

Richard Rohr Interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump

Richard Rohr: Christianity and Unknowing talk at Science and Nonduality Conference

An Invitation to Explore

Essentia Foundation’s Analytic Idealism Course with Bernardo Kastrup MP3 files (To download right click on link):

Analytic Idealism P1

Analytic Idealism P2

Analytic Idealism P3

Analytic Idealism P4

Analytic Idealism P5

Analytic Idealism P6

Analytic Idealism P7