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Linus Pauling Institute

Prescription for Health

Life Extension Foundation

Good Calories, Bad Calories

Millions of Needless Deaths

Optimal Vitamin D Level Study

Monitor Vitamin D Research Findings

Cancer Therapies

Avoiding Heart Attacks

Seven Steps to Weight Loss

No More Statins

American Diet

Glycemic Index

Have Your Butter and Eat it Too

Oxygen: The Molecule that Made the World

Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life

Calorie Restriction Mimic for Longevity

Bruce Ames on Aging

Triage Theory of Disease: An Interview with Bruce Ames

Nutrition to Speed Healing after Surgery

Exercise for the Physically Challenged or the Merely Lazy

Mineralization and Aging

Wheat: The Unhealthy Grain

DNA Is Not Destiny

Alzheimer’s Disease and Coconut Oil

 The Story of TOR  

De-Stressing Program from Heart Math  

Sitting is Bad for Your Health

Omega 6 Fatty Acids

The Benefits of Garlic

EMF Hazards and Safer Use of Cell Phones

EMF Hazards and Safer Use of Computers 

 Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Infused Water 

The Effects of Grounding (Earthing) on Health  

Indicators for Nutritional Deficiencies  

Benfotiamine and Alzheimer’s Disease

Promising Nutraceutical for Parkinson’s Disease

Must Read Book on Clinical Intervention for Alzheimer’s  

Diseases of Aging and The Case Against Sugar

Fasting and Your Health: A Digital Bibliography (New

A New Model for Type II Diabetes and Its Treatment (New)  

Research News About Resveratrol

Time Restricted Eating and Health

The Longevity and Health Research of Valter Longo  (New)

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Diet  (New)

Why We Age (a short video)  (New)